A Record of Proven Results

View some of our victories by reading about our case results. At J. David Smith, Attorney at Law, we are here to pursue justice on behalf of every single client to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve. Our clients are more than just case numbers—we treat them like family. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else's negligence, call our firm and we can discuss your case in a free consultation.
    • Paralyzed Worker

      Obtained workers’ compensation benefits for paralyzed worker who tested positive for marijuana on post-accident drug screen. The injured worker was paralyzed in a cement truck accident and tested positive for the drug during hospital treatment. We argued for exclusion of the test results due to failure of the hospital to properly document the chain of custody of the specimen, and settled the case.

    • Family of a Worker

      Obtained large settlement for the family of a worker killed while operating heavy equipment in an unwitnessed accident in a remote rural area. The worker tested positive for marijuana in the autopsy. We established a disputed fact issue regarding impairment and its causal connection to the accident, and settled the case favorably for client.

    • Worker Exposed to a Chemical Carcinogen

      Obtained a large financial settlement for the family of an worker exposed to a chemical carcinogen who later died from cancer. The case was contested on causation through the use of expert witnesses. We presented expert testimony from an epidemiologist, toxicologist and an oncologist and was able to settle the case favorably for the client.

    • Brain Injured Client Suffering With Cognitive Deficits

      Obtained successful result at trial for brain injured client suffering with cognitive deficits and in need of personal care attendant.

    • Paralyzed Worker Maintains Medicare Eligibility

      Successfully negotiated a zero Medicare Set Aside which allowed a paralyzed worker to settle his workers’ compensation case and maintain his Medicare eligibility.

    • Media Executive

      Obtained large settlement for media executive with a low level of physical impairment, but with significant deficits in the ability to maintain concentration and pacing necessary for administrate/executive level work.

    • Worker Injured From Chemical Exposure

      Won causation issue in chemical exposure case for an injured worker before the Louisiana Supreme Court.

    • Burn Victim Suffering Burns Over 80 Percent of His Body

      Obtained workers’ compensation benefits for burn victim suffering burns over 80 percent of his body. The worker needed multiple skin grafts and had serious orthopedic injuries. Case was settled favorably for the injured worker, ensuring life long medical care and wage loss benefits.

    • Injured Worker on Social Security

      Successfully settled the wage loss claim for a large lump sum, for an injured worker who was on social security disability, and structured settlement such that his social security benefits increased. This allowed the worker to access Medicare and social security payments and cash out of his workers’ compensation case, without penalty.

    • Technician With Back Injury

      Obtained large settlement for cell tower technician who fell out of tower and injured his back.

    • Longshoreman Receives Repayment for Expenses

      Obtained large financial settlement for longshoreman in case where employer contested the amount of the average weekly wage by removing tool rental payments from the calculation. Claim was successfully mediated with consideration in settlement given to the tool rental.

    • Defense Base Act Claim

      Obtained a large settlement for claimant in Defense Base Act claim. We were able to reserve all rights to future medical benefits and maintained Medicare eligibility for non-work related conditions.

    • Undocumented Worker From Mexico

      Obtained workers’ compensation benefits for undocumented worker from Mexico. The claimant was working for cash and had no evidence of employment relationship. The employer denied knowing worker and contested the average weekly wage. We were able to establish employment relationship using photographs taken prior to the accident and other fact witness testimony.